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Rice Farming Systems in South Sumatra Tidal Swamp Areas:
Problems and Feed Backs Based on Farmer’s Point of Views

Yoyo Soelaeman, Maswar, and Umi Haryati
IAARD Researchers at Indonesian Soil Research Institute, Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 12. Cimanggu- Bogor.

Abstract. Tidal swamp area in the Southern of Sumatra is a source of rice production to support the national rice self-sufficiency. However, the rice yields achieved by farmers are relatively lower compared to the potential yield gained in research. To identify the problems faced by the farmers, farmers’ interviews and workshop have been conducted at the study sites located in Delta Telang, Sugihan Kanan, Karang Agung Ilir, and Pulau Rimau in April 1999. The results showed that improvement of land, water, and farm managements in cooperator farmers’ areas increased rice yield from 2 to 3.43-3.96 t ha-1 and farmer’s profits by 55.4%. The profits of cooperator farmers increased in following year to 69.6%. Diffusion process of technologies also increased the profits of non-cooperator farmers between 12.2-29.5%. Eventhough the improvement of rice farming management in tidal swamp areas has shown a significant increase in yields and farmer’s incomes, however, to develop the recommended technology to the wider areas still faces some problems on the aspects of land and water management, farm management, marketing, farmer’s institution, assistance from extension workers, and the availability of equipment and agricultural machinery.

Keywords: Rice, tidal swamp management, problems, farmers’ feed back

Paper published at Proceeding International Workshop on Sustainable Management of Lowland for Rice Production. p. 183-196. Editors: Husen et al.. Banjarmasin, 27-28 September 2012. Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. Ministry of Agriculture. 2013

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