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PUGAM: A Specific Fertilizer for Peat Land To Reduce Carbon Emission and Improve Soil Productivity

I G.M. Subiksa
IAARD Researcher at Indonesian Soil Research Institute, Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 12 Cimanggu. Bogor

Abstract. Peat land in Indonesia covers about 14 M ha and about 6 M ha was considered suitable for agriculture. When peat land was drained for agriculture purposes, organic matter will be decomposed to emit CO2 gas, which contributes to global warming. Due to low fertility status, agricultural practices on peat land need have external nutrients input. However, fertilizing peat land to provide nutrient needed by plant generally increases microbial activity and at the end increases CO2 emission. Paradox situation faced by farmer should be coped trough technology application by using low carbon emission fertilizer called Pugam. Pugam is phosphate base fertilizer enriched with polyvalent cations and micronutrients needed by plant. Pugam worked trough three processes namely: providing nutrients to improve plant growth; stabilizing organic substance and neutralizing toxic phenolic acids; and establishing free positive charges from polyvalent cations. Effectiveness of Pugam had been tested both in green house and peat land in the field. Testing results revealed that Pugam very significantly increased plant growth of both corn and rice. In the same time Pugam decreased CO2 emission by 47–58%. The same trend also showed by field-testing where Pugam significantly increased growth and yield of corn and decreased CO2 emission by 20–30%. Laboratory test showed that Pugam application on hemic peat decreased P leaching from the pot very significantly. The prospectus of Pugam will be able to cope the problem of peatland utilization for agriculture.

Keyword: Pugam, peat land, CO2 emission, low productivity, phosphate, micronutrient

Paper published at Proceeding International Workshop on Sustainable Management of Lowland for Rice Production. p. 175-182. Editors: Husen et al.. Banjarmasin, 27-28 September 2012. Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. Ministry of Agriculture. 2013

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