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Pertanian Ramah Lingkungan : Indikator dan Cara Pengukuran Aspek Sosial - Ekonomi

Peneliti Badan Litbang Pertanian pada Balai Penelitian Tanah, Jl. Tentara Pelajar 12  Cimanggu, Bogor

Abstract. Environmentally friendly agriculture is agriculture that fundamentally more environmentally sustainable than short-term economic profits oriented. However, this farming system should have a focus on environmental aspects as well as the socio-economic aspects. In fact, farmers are not able to carry out their agricultural activities that are not economically viable, but there is an urgent need of preservation of the environment so that farming practices must maintain environmental quality and agricultural production not only for the present generation but also for generations to come. Environmentally friendly agriculture (EFA) does not mean organic farming, without the use of synthetic chemical inputs, although the intensity of attention leads to the use of organic components and specific locations, particularly pesticides and fertilizers.EFA can be thought as alternative agricultures that differ from those usually done in conventional farming. Contrasted with conventional farming, EFA avoids the many things the adverse effects of the Green Revolution, such as: (1) land degradation due to soil erosion, high use of inorganic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, (2) the occurrence or even rising underemployment in rural communities, and (3) the income and welfare of farmers decreased. During the working meeting (2013) Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development had formulated that EFA was a farming system based on sustainable productivity enhancement technologies that did not diminish the function of the environment, economically viable and socially acceptable. Several indicators of productivity, environmental, and socio-economic had also been identified. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the socio-economic indicators and its measures, especially at the level of households.

Keywords: Environmentally friendly agriculture, indicator, socio-economic aspect

Diterbitkan pada Prosiding Seminar Nasional Pertanian Ramah Lingkungan. Hal. 659-674. Penyunting: Sulaeman et al. Bogor, 29 Mei 2013. Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian, Kementerian Pertanian. 2013

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