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Proceedings of International Workshop on Valuation and Sustainable Management of Soil Carbon Sequestration in Asian Countries

Soil is not only important for supporting the livelihood of the human beings, fauna and flora, but also an important storage of carbon. The soil organic carbon (SOC) pool is about 3.3 times the amount of the atmospheric C pool and 4.5 times the amount of the biotic C pool. SOC affects the soil fertility and in turns determine the plant and animal biomass.
The SOC pool to 1m depth ranges from 30 Mg ha-1 in arid climates to 800 Mg ha-1 in organic soils in cold regions as well as in the tropical peatland, with a predominant range of 50 to 150 Mg ha-1 in mineral soils. The SOC pool represents a dynamic equilibrium of gains and losses of C in soil system. Conversion of natural forest to agricultural ecosystems causes depletion of the SOC pool by as much as 60% in soils of temperate regions and 75% or more in cultivated soils of the tropics. Management of degraded soils may restock the soil carbon and, to some extent, mitigate the global warming and climate changes.
This proceedings is a compilation of invited papers presented in the international workshop on Evaluation and Sustainable Management of Soil Carbon Sequestration in Asian Countries, held at the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia, from 28 to 29 September, 2010. The invited papers cover ranges of topics from soil database and mapping of SOC, soil management and spatial and temporal changes of SOC by different land uses, as well as properties and dynamics of carbon in peatland areas

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Soil Carbon Stocks in the U.S.: Current Data and Future Inventories
L.T. West, S.W. Waltman, S. Wills, T.G. Reinsch, E.C. Benham, C.S. Smith, R. Ferguson 1

Estimation of Soil Carbon Stock Changes in Japanese Agricultural Soils using National Resources Inventory
Yusuke Takata      15

Chronological Changes of Soil Carbon Stock in Korea
Yoo-Hak Kim, Seong-Soo Kang, Myung-Sook Kim      29

Use of Remote Sensing in Assessment of Soil and Ecosystem Carbon Status
Yoshio Inoue 39

Indonesian Soil Data Base and Predicted Stock of Soil Carbon
Rizatus Shofiyati, Irsal Las, Fahmuddin Agus 73

Organic Carbon Storage and Management Strategies of the Forest Soils Based on the Forest Soil Survey Database in Taiwan
Chen-Chi Tsai, Zueng-Sang Chen, Zeng-Yei Hseu, Chin-Tzer Duh, Horng-Yuh Guo      85

Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Changes of Soil Carbon in Java Using Legacy Soil Data
Yiyi Sulaeman, Budiman Minasny, Alex. B. McBratne 103

Aggregate Stability and Soil Carbon Storage as Affected by Different Land Use Practices
Kyung-Hwa Han, Sang-Geun Ha, Byoung-Choon Jang       113

Organic Carbon Storage and Management Strategies of the Rural Soils on the Basis of Soil Information System in Taiwan
Shih-Hao Jien, Zeng-Yei Hseu, Horng-Yuh Guo, Chen-Chi Tsai, Zueng-Sang Chen       125

Soil Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gases Mitigation in Selected Ecosystems in the Philippines
Rodolfo O. Ilao, Edilberto D. Salang, Januel P. Floresca 139

Soil Management for Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Thailand
Sathaporn Jaiarree 153

Soil Carbon Stocks in Sarawak, Malaysia
E. Padmanabhan, H. Eswara, P.F. Reich      167

Carbon in Vietnamese soils and experiences to improve carbon stock in soil
Pham Quang Ha 175

Distribution, Properties, and Carbon Stock of Indonesian Peat Land
Wahyunto, Ai Dariah, Fahmuddin Agus 187

Properties of Indonesian Peat in Relation to the Chemistry of Carbon Emission
Supiandi Sabiham 205

Carbon budget and management strategies for conserving carbon in peatland: Case study in Kubu Raya and
Pontianak Districts, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Fahmuddin Agus, Wahyunto, Ai Dariah, Prihasto Setyanto, I.G. Made Subiksa, Eleonora Runtunuwu, 
Erni Susanti, Wahyu Supriatna

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