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The inhibitory role of dark septate endophytic fungus Phialocephala fortinii against Fusarium disease
on the Asparagus officinalis growth in organic source conditions

Surono and Kazuhiko Narisawa


Five of eight selected dark septate endophytic (DSE) fungal isolates had the ability to inhibit the growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Asparagi in a dual culture test. We demonstrated that Asparagus officinalis inoculated with DSE fungi could survive and grow healthily without any typical disease symptoms after Fusarium disease challenge in inorganic or organic conditions in vitro. Phialocepahala fortinii isolate CKG.I.11 most effectively promoted the growth of A. officinalis after Fusarium disease challenge either with inorganic or organic sources. Inoculation of P. Fortinii CKG.I.11 in A. Officinalis plant on the organic nursery setting decreased the severity of Fusarium disease and increased theA. Officinalis growth compared to A. officinalis challenged with F. Oxysporum f.sp. asparagiand not inoculated with P. Fortinii CKG.I.11 so that P. Fortinii effectively promoted A. officinalis growth in Fusarium disease challenge.

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