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The dark septate endophytic fungus Phialocephala fortinii is a potential decomposer of
soil organic compounds and a promoter of Asparagus officinalis growth

Surono and Kazuhiko Narisawa


There is limited information as to whether dark septate endophytic (DSE) fungi are able to degrade organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in soil and if these fungi have a significant role in nutrient cycles in nature, especially under organic nutrient conditions. In order to further knowledge in this area, 25 DSE fungi were isolated and tested for their promotion of Asparagus officinalis seedling growth. Three Phialocephala fortiniiisolates were found to be most effective in increasing the growth of A. officinalis plants compared with uninoculated controls. These isolates had the ability to degrade all carbon and nitrogen compounds tested except for lignin. Using organic phosphorus and nitrogen sources, the three P. fortiniiisolates were able to promote the growth of A. officinaliscompared with control plants. The isolates were also able to promote the growth ofA. officinalisseedlings on semi-organic and organic media. Our findings demonstrate that P. fortiniihas a role in the promotion of A. officinalis growth under organic nutrient conditions, possibly by decomposing organic phosphorus and nitrogen compounds in soil.

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