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Workshop on “The Use of Rock Phosphate to Increase Soil Fertility and Crop Productivity”

As a country where mostly agricultural area is in acid soil, the need for phosphorous (P) to support plant growth can not be avoided. One of natural source of P is derived from rock phosphate and Morocco has almost 75% of world deposit for rock phosphate and its managed under OCP, a state owned company of Morocco.

Regarding on research of rock phosphate application, ISRI-IAARD has been conducting a long term research collaboration with OCP on direct rock phosphate application on acid soil for maize and oil palm in several locations in Indonesia since 1989 up to present.

In order to share our research work and results, therefore OCP held a workshop “The Use of Rock Phosphate to Increase Soil Fertility and Crop Productivity” on June 18 – 21, 2019 in University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), Ben Guerir, Morocco. Indonesia delegations were invited by OCP to give several presentations regarding our research collaboration. Indonesia delegations were Prof Dedi Nursyamsi,  Agricultural Infrastructure Expert Staff Minister who delivered keynote speech from Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia, Ir. Irmijati Rachmi Nurbahar, MSc (Director of Parennial and Beverage Crops), Sukim Supandi (Acting Head of Planning Division), Ir. Hendri Sosiawan, CESA (Director of ISARI), Dr Adha Fatmah Siregar, M.Sc (Researcher of ISRI) and Dr Wahida Annisa (Researcher of ISARI). The workshop also attended by representative from OCP, researchers from African countries, and lecturers of UM6P. Indonesian delegations delivered three presentations regarding our long term research collaboration. This workshop gave a fruitful discussion and sharing technology regarding Indonesian experiences on rock phosphate application. Especially on the result of direct application of rock phosphate combined with our technology on maize, where yield could reach up to 20 ton of maize per ha with zig zag planting system. This result has trigger many participants from African countries to learn more about our research achievement. 

Indonesian delegations also had a great opportunity to visit rock phosphate mining and the facilities of OCP that located at Khouribga.  During field visit, OCP staff explained about the process from mining until production, and mostly all activities have been computerized.

On the last day, Indonesian delegation visited Indonesian Embassy and had a meeting with ambassadors and staff. The Ambassador said that there are big opportunity to have bilateral collaboration with African countries especially on agricultural sector, and this issue needs to be follow up. (AFS, 27 June 2019).

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