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IAARD-ISRI Attended 2019 KAPEX Training In Korea

Korean Agricultural Policy Experiences for Food Security (KAPEX) Training is one of programs of collaboration research between Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) and Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development - Indonesian Soil Research Institute (IAARD-ISRI). The training itself was held in Seoul, Jincheon, Daejeon, Jeonju, and Naju City on June 10-14, 2019.

The participants of the training were three senior-level officials and two senior researchers from IAARD-Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resources Research and Development (ICALRRD) and IAARD-ISRI. They were Dr Haris Syahbuddin, Dr Asmarhansyah, Ibrahim Adamy Sipahutar, M.Sc., Dr Wiwik Hartatik, and Dr Etty Pratiwi.

The objectives of the training were (1) to share and enhance participant’s knowledge and understanding of Korea’s agricultural and rural development policy and (2) to build the capacity of participants to plan and implement agricultural and rural development policies and programs in their country.

The training were divided into two activities, namely Lecture and Discussion and Field Trips. The lecture of Environmental Friendly Agriculture and Fertilizer in Korea was presented by Dr Changyong Kang from KREI and Korea’s Soil Management Practices was presented by Dr Yoohak Kim from National Institute of Agricultural Science (NAS). The Field Trips were conducted by visiting Korean Fertilizer Association, Organic Fertilizer Company, Korea Organic Fertilizer Industry Cooperative, Paprika Farm, NAS, and KREI.

During the field trip, the participants had a chance to visit NAS Lysimeter Station as the biggest Lysimeter Station in Asia with 36 precision lysimeters (surface area 1 m2 and depth 1.5 m). There are 18 lysimeters with paddy soil monoliths, and the other 18 lysimeters with upland soil monoliths, consisting of three types for upland soils and three types of paddy soils.

Dr. Haris Syahbuddin, as head of delegation, stated there is no doubt that the training enhanced the capacity of Indonesian government officials and researchers related to the developing of environmental friendly fertilizer. He added that there is a need for all of us to create public awareness of the importance of developing environmental friendly fertilizer since it significantly reduces the cost, environmentally safer, but still give an attained productivity.

In closing ceremony at KREI Office in Naju City, Dr Minkook Jung, Vice-President of KREI, said thank for the collaboration research between KREI and ISRI. He really expected that KREI and IAARD-ISRI will have a good and strong partnership in conducting a collaboration research in the future. (As and M.Is, 18 June 2019).






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