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2019 APEC Workshop on Smart Agriculture Policies for Sustainable Growth

Digital innovation and new technology have emerged as one of the means that play a role on agricultural sector and enhanced food security, and many countries have been applying information and communications technology (ICT), optimal environment for crops and livestock. In recognition of contribution of ICT-based smart agriculture in achieving sustainable food production, this workshop was held on 11-12 June, 2019 in Courtyard Marriot Namdaemun Hotel, Seoul, Korea under collaboration of APEC, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea, EPIS and FAO Korea.

This workshop was attending by 11 countries representative as Korea, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, China Taipe, China, Papua Nugini, Philipine, Germany, and Russia. Indonesia representative   was Dr Adha Fatmah Siregar from Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development - Indonesian Soil Research Institute (IAARD-ISRI). During this workshop, there were five presentation including from Indonesia. All participants shared their countries experiences on applying smart agriculture policies. On Indonesia case itself, we shared our valuable innovation that has gave many great impact in improving agriculture activities such as soil test kit, integrated planting time calendar (KATAM), soil map for P and K status and others policies and innovations.

The committee also provided a field trip, to visit MANNA CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). MANNA CEA is a smart agriculture company that develops controlled environment agriculture system and automated food production solution that use aquaponics farming methods.

As a remarks on this workshop, there are several aspect that must be considered on Smart Agriculture Policies, there are administrative aspect, technology aspect, industrial aspect, educational aspect and international corporation. (AFS dan M.Is, 16 June 2019).


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