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The Indonesian Soil Research Institute (ISRI) as a center of excellence for precision soil management has had many collaborative experiences in research with overseas research institutions. In 2019, ISRI will conduct collaborative research with the Korea Rural Economic Institute - the Republic of Korea (KREI) through the Korean Agricultural Policy Experiences for Food Security (KAPEX) Project. After going through several discussion series including submission of proposal, KREI team visit's to Indonesia, discussions between the KREI and ISRI teams facilitated by the Center of Foreign Cooperation and the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) - the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, field visits to farmers in Bogor Regency and so on since 2018, the KAPEX Project proposal of ISRI was accepted and will be funded by the Korean Government through KREI to be implemented this year. The project collaboration that will be carried out by ISRI and KREI is "Enhancing Agricultural Productivity by Developing Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer Sectors in Indonesia".

The signing of the Record of Discussions (RoD) of KAPEX Project between ISRI and KREI was conducted by Dr. Husnain as Director of ISRI and Dr. Jongsun Kim as Director of Center for International Agricultural Partnership - KREI at the office of Center of Foreign Cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture attended by Dr. Ade Candradijaya, Head of the Center for Foreign Cooperation and staffs, representative of IAARD's research cooperation section and ISRI researcher team on 19 February 2019.

After the signing of the RoD, the KREI team visited the ISRI office in Bogor on 20 February 2019 to follow up on the implementation of the project. Prior to the meeting, the KREI Team visited ISRI laboratory facilities, especially those related to support research on environmentally friendly fertilizers. After visiting ISRI laboratory facilities then continued with a discussion program for preparing the implementation of the research collaboration. The discussion was opened by Dr. Asmarhansyah who represent ISRI management by displaying IAARD and ISRI profiles. Dr. Jongsun Kim and Ms. Chami Park from KREI explained about the KAPEX Project including its objectives, outputs, and outcomes and the work scope of the project. Then intensive discussion for preparing the implementation of the project was guided by Dr. Surono as the team leader of ISRI for the project. KAPEX Project activities consist of joint research, KAPEX Training, KAPEX Academy, and workshops that will be held in Indonesia and Korea. The KAPEX Project is expected to be well managed and implemented by the ISRI Team and would be continued with Official Development Assistance (ODA) Project next year. (Sur, 21 Feb 2019).

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